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Pescara, the Adriatic capital of Abruzzo

Pescara will delight you with a variety of beach areas.

Gourmets should definitely visit Abruzzo to experience the local cuisine.The swimming season here lasts from early May to October, so this is an excellent summer destination. Abruzzo is ideal for a variety of holiday destinations: respectable family, noisy youth or romantic. People come here for new impressions, unique culture.

Abruzzo with magnificent mountain landscapes, clear sea and colorful local cuisine will definitely please you. You can stay in a hotel, private house or apartment.

Abruzzo is a good solution for an inexpensive beach holiday. In addition, in Abruzzo you can see magnificent monuments of history and architecture, preserved from the Middle Ages;

The coastline is mostly homogeneous and safe: there are practically no sudden changes in height, so you can safely take children with you to the beach.

An indisputable plus when choosing Abruzzo as a holiday destination is the presence of an airport in Pescara. Direct flights from different cities and countries arrive here.

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